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In the Home

Do you or your kids constantly change their minds, changing with the latest fads or design ideas?  Does your child want to put up tacky posters on their walls?

Our daughter used to have this annoying thing where she liked to use sticky tape (or heaven forbid blu-tac) to put up her latest favourite picture.  It drives Craig up the wall as he has to fix it when the paint comes off with the tape!

Create Design Imagery, might just have a solution for you. Wall prints that are affordable enough to change with your child’s whim, that removable without leaving stick patches or chunks of paint!

You might love the idea of refreshing your home or creating an inviting space?  I used to stare at a wall and be frustrated I couldn’t put up a picture without putting holes in it.  Or I’d pine for a piece of art that I loved but it cost too much.  This is where we started to explore how to achieve affordable wall and surface decoration that can change as we please and not damage a thing.

Craig and I understand what it’s like to feel frustrated to not live in a space we love.  For many years, while we tripped around and enjoyed working in different towns, we lived either in employer provided accommodation or we rented.

Thankfully we have found a solution!  Our products allow you to print whatever picture you like on whatever surface, affordably, changeably and without damage.

Take under our kitchen bench for example.  We decided it was time to give our kitchen a little spruce up.  Without having to go through the expense of picking new kitchen cupboards or consulting a designer, Craig printed an up close photo of the cross-section of a rock and has refreshed the laminate without having to touch any kind of power tool!  As a family we stood back and had a chance to see what it looked like to each of us – Ella thought it was like a bird’s eye view of a river system!

As a self-confessed Dr Who fan, Craig decided it was time to put a bit of pizzazz into his office.  After discussions with his design team (i.e. with me, Nicole) he chose to kit out his office door like the entrance to the Tardis; and match the interior in the same fashion!  The effect is amazing…although I’m not sure I’d like to try and sleep in there!

If you have a space in your home you would like to invigorate, say with a photo from your wedding, travel adventures, or your family; we can figure out how to make it happen.  Don’t forget, our product is changeable, moveable and wall-friendly.  Whatever you can imagine, we can achieve!

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