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Do people pass your business by when walking down the street?

Have you had feedback that your office/restaurant/workplace could be more inviting?

Do you know your office/restaurant/workplace looks outdated but you aren’t sure where to start?  Would you like more regular clientele?

Make a Feature | Create a Talking Point | Invite People In

With Creative Design Imagery

For Your Business

Throughout our travels, some of the best times was experiencing a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and eateries – local produce, wine and a relaxing ambiance.  We loved to check out the décor, read intriguing menus and feel the atmosphere of the place – it all made for wonderful anticipation for an exquisite meal.

The same can be said for when we are in a business’s waiting area. If the space is dull or inviting, our experience is not as good as it could be. Or even when making a decision about whether to walk into a business’s operations. If the street frontage or outside of the building is not drawing us in, we are probably more likely to walk on by.

We know the bottom line always need to be considered, making money can be tough in any economy, but did you know that you can refresh your business in a unique way for as little as [$250]? A new look dining space or a new wrap-around window skin is a social media opportunity; can attract new clients and entice back your regulars.  Beautifying your place of business and making seasonal changes can provide a welcome breath of fresh air for your clientele – and also your team.

Even consider your restrooms and facilities for your clientele.  More often than not these facilities let down a business with grubby walls and faded graffiti.  How you present your restroom can say a lot about your business!

Jett’s – a testimonial

When Craig first started going to Jett’s Gym at Kirwan, he would stare at a long, blank wall.  When he introduced himself to the owner, they started talking about this blank wall and the opportunity to make it a feature and talking point with the members was set in motion.  The installation of a graffiti style print with a vanishing point not only provides a colourful and vibrant feel to the gym, it opens up the space by providing the optical illusion that you can see down an alleyway. It has created a talking point amongst the members and really uplifts the vibe of the gym.

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