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About Creative Design Imagery

Our Story

We’re a Small Family-run Design and Print Business

Owners – Craig & Nicole

We both grew up in Townsville, venturing off in 2000 to travel in a ute with just a couple of swags.  The open road inspired us to stop occasionally to work and experience more of Australia.  I continued to work in cultural heritage management and Craig continued to sign write wherever we lived, until an opportunity to enter the mining industry presented itself in Cloncurry in 2003.  This shift opened up even more new horizons for us and we left Cloncurry for the Northern Territory.  A couple of stints in Darwin then led us to Groote Eylandt (google it – fascinating and beautiful place) where we worked for the Anindilyakwa Land Council.  Our daughter arrived in 2010 and we decided to relocate back to family and friends in Townsville in 2013, where we love the laid back, tropical lifestyle.

Sign Writer to Bespoke Image & Print Specialist

As a qualified sign writer in the days of old with hand drawn layouts, paint and maulsticks, Craig enjoys the art of designing and creating layouts, continuing to paint and draw for pleasure.  After his break from sign writing, he was keen to engage his creative side again.  While the demand for maulsticks and hand drawn art is almost gone, digital technology and innovative printable materials opens up an exciting new phase for us.  Enter one very large digital printer in January 2017 – wow the possibilities!  The more we create and print, the more opportunities present themselves.

Change Environments Through Affordable Printing

What we love about our business is the changeability that prints bring to blank or fading walls.  You can change the feel and atmosphere of a room, alter small spaces into larger spaces, change your branding, and recreate special memories or snapshots in time that become part of your story.  And this is your story to tell others – memories about your family, fantastic places you have traveled, wild and beautiful landscapes, a special meal with friends, the latest inspiration for that new menu, and even how you want to show your team that you care about meaningful spaces.

Travel Memories on Your Wall

Our visits to different parts of Australia have become mementos on our walls.  In my office I love to spend a couple of minutes staring at one of my wall prints of a beautiful Groote Eylandt sunset, taken from our boat at Christmas time.  It is special as we went around the entire Eylandt, seeing wonderful parts of the eastern side which is almost inaccessible.  We jigged for squid, ate oysters and sipped moussey sparkling wine – wonderful memories of family time together.

For Your Home & Business

And we create these prints for you too.  If you think you can put a print on a surface, you generally can (within reason).  Would you like to update your kitchen splashback or cupboards?  Prints can do that without having to replace anything.  Want to have the solar system in your child’s bedroom?  We can do that and when they change their minds, you can change their walls!

We can be part of your design team, and you are the inspiration!  Think big, think outside the square, enjoy taking the time to visualise and imagine not only how your spaces look, but how you will feel.  Quality and price in our work is very important to us – I want you to feel excited and inspired just like we do!  We will guide you through the process of picking the right prints to ensure it matches your design ideas, and what sort of feel or outcome you want to create.

Motivate Your Team

As business owners, we both understand the importance of creating motivational spaces.  I once worked in an airless, windowless void; it was faded, sickly yellow paint on brick, where I was unable to see natural light.  It became quite disheartening to go to work.  Have a look around your workplace and building.  Is it an encouraging place where people feel welcomed and comfortable? Do your staff feel invigorated in their workspace? This can lead to better productivity and team spirit. We can help to create the environment that attracts your ideal clients and motivates your team to come to work and be inspired.  While you can’t move walls, beautifying a workspace shows you care about providing a meaningful environment for your team and will call more clients to you.

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